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Monday, 15th June

Good Morning Year 1,

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend and that you are ready to get going with your activities again. I can’t believe this is our 10th week of home learning!

Here are your activities for today …



Daily recap of ‘phonics flashcards speed trial’ and ‘tricky word trucks’ on the Phonics Play website.

Today you will be continuing adding the suffix -est to adjectives.

Firstly, to recap what you did last week ask an adult to read the following words to you and you must write them and add -est correctly:

cute, fluffy, wide, pretty, silly, wise.

Write the alphabet as quickly as you can. Be careful with your letter formation and make sure they are all in the correct order.

Now, choose a colour and highlight all of the vowels in the alphabet.

I would like you to think about adding -est to words that end in a short vowel sound followed by a consonant, such as big (i = short vowel sound, g = consonant). Can you remember what rule we used when we added -er to these kind of words?

Remember we double the final consonant and add -est – big > biggest.

Practice your skills on the attached sheet.



Today I would like you to write a letter or draw and label a picture to send to people in our community that are isolated due to the virus (this is part of the ‘Posting Positivity project that is being run across Bury). I have attached a document containing all of the guidance about what to do and where to send them. It would be lovely to see what you have done on your dojo portfolios before you send them off. I’m sure every single one of you will manage to put a smile on somebody’s face during this difficult time.



Warm-up =

For your warm up activities this week I have attached a PowerPoint with lots of different activities. Each day I would like you to complete 3 activities before starting your main activity. Don’t complete them all at once as you will be doing 3 each day this week.

Here is a dance practicing all of the position and direction skills you have been learning about.



Main Activity

Today you have got 2 worksheets based on direction and turns to complete.

Enjoy your day!


Miss C, Mrs P and Mrs C.