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Monday, 15th June

Good morning Y4, 

How was your weekend? I had a lovely weekend – walking and seeing my niece (for the first time since lockdown). A very special moment!

Are you ready for our TENTH week of home learning? I cannot believe we’ve been doing this for so long! Keep up all your hard work, I know some days are easier than others but you've got this year four! 


Here we go for today’s tasks…



This week we are going recap our multiplication and division skills. Many of you may remember the ‘methods’ we use to complete a calculation but as I always say it’s also important to have the understanding behind the methods too. The White Rose Videos that I will attach to each lesson this week talk you step by step through the process using pictorial approaches. This will support your overall understanding and help you out in Y5 when we move onto larger numbers. Watch and listen to the videos carefully!

  Then, it's time to complete the worksheets.



Our English this week is going to follow a scheme from Talk for Writing. It will help us cover all aspects of English - reading, grammar, spelling and writing all based around a story that you will read today. Carefully read through the pages and complete the tasks as you go along. You should be able to work through this independently.


Enjoy your Monday!


Miss K x