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Monday, 15th June

Good morning, 


Hope you are all well. 


The work this week is going to follow a similar format to last week, especially with the literacy work. 




You are going to build up again towards a piece of writing which you can attempt later in the week. Before then you are going to try and build up a bit of subject knowledge to help with ideas before you complete some planning. 


The first two tasks I have attached are both comprehension tasks. 

The first is based on running and the marathon. It will all make sense soon don't worry. I wonder if you already know why you might be looking at the marathon in relation to our topic. 


Have a go at both of these tasks. They won't take too long. 


I have also attached your new spellings. They're not that difficult this week so I'd like you to find at least 5 more spellings with the same rule to add to your list. 





There are two tasks attached for today. The first is the final bit of problem solving on shapes. 

The 2nd is a revision pack. This pack is to last until Thursday.  


Please only complete the first page today. 



All the best, 

Mr Coop.