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Monday, 15th June

Good morning Reception, are you ready for a new week?  I shall be in school this week working with some of the juniors, which will be a big change for me.  

I hope that you enjoy today’s activities.


First: Phoneme recap-can you do phoneme quick write activity again to check which phonemes you now know and to see if you have forgotten any.  Please ask  your child to spell the phonemes when you shout them out. 


Spelling:  Using the 5 spellings that you chose last week.  Choose one of the activities that you enjoyed from the list I gave you last week or try a different one to revise your 5 spellings.


Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s:  Today we are learning about sk’ and sc’ which sound like ‘sg’ when we are sounding out a word.  Words sometimes begin with ‘sk’ and other times ‘sc’ but never ‘sg’.

I have attached two sk/sc mats that you can look at on your screen(don’t worry about printing) and write down some silly setences making sure you use ‘sk’/’sc’ and not ‘sg’.  For example, you could write ‘I scored a goal with a scone’!  The sillier the better, have some fun and make yourself giggle.


Alternative activities if you don’t feel ready to move onto Phase 4: Can you look around your house and find as many things as you can that begin with sh/ch?  Can you have a try at writing a list of these words? Use your sound mat to help you with the other sounds.  Grown-ups-if your child can hear the sound but is unsure how to write it then please show them on the phoneme mat, which they can then copy off.  The more times that they see these phonemes and put them into context then the more likely they will begin to recognise them and use them for themselves.  Don’t forget, spellings will be phonetic so ‘shoe’ will be ‘shoo’ at this stage. 


Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’sToday I thought that we could look at one alternative spelling for ‘igh’ which is ‘ie’.  I have attached a booklet for you to work through over the next two days.  If you wish you could also write some sentences to go with the words in the booklet.



Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s:  Do you recognise all of your numbers to 10/20 now?  Can you put them in order?  Can you say 1 more and 1 less than any number within 10/20?  If not, please spend some time revising these skills.  I have attached a under the sea I Spy and count sheet within 20 to do because it looked like fun and we always need a little practise at count by touching each object.  You could try crossing the fish out as you find and count them.  You may need a number line in front of you to copy the number that you have counted if you are not sure how to write it.


Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s: Practise your doubles/halves, bonds to 10 and counting in2’s, 5’s and 10’s.  The week before last you spent some time learning your number bonds for 2-5. These facts are really important to learn because you can use them for bigger numbers, for example if you know that 3+2=5 then you will begin to realise that 83+2=85 or that 5-3=2 so 85-3+82.

Today, I would like you to use an empty egg box-if this has 6 spaces great, if not please could you cut it so it looks like a 6 egg box for your child.  Now you will need 6 counters that will fit into the holes, all the same colour on one side and a different colour on the other side, e.g one side blue and the other side red.  You can make these by cutting and colouring in but I suggest using a cereal box or similar as when you cut out your circles one side will be cardboard coloured and the other side will be the colour of the box. Now you can explore the different ways to make 6 by adding-put all of the counters in the same colour up-your first sum will be 6+0=6, then turn one over so it is a different colour, now your sum is 5+1=6  keep going until you have found all 7.  You might remember doing this with your grids with Mrs Brennan.  Don’t forget to write them down as you go in order so that you can learn them.  Now see if you can find the inverse subtraction calculations.


Have lots of fun Reception. Mrs Balmer