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Monday, 18th May

Welcome back to another week! 😊

How was your weekend? Are you reading for another week of home learning? I know it’s not the same as being in school, seeing your friends and having teachers and peers there to help you but you’re doing a great job and it’s really important that you keep yourself motivated and keep going!



First up, have you still been practising your times tables? Have a go at the times table check and let me know how many you score.

Don’t forget, you have a Classroom secret log in where there are lots of maths games to play. 


This week, we are going to focus on Shape. This is one of my favourite topics in school, I’m gutted that we’re not learning it together but I know you’ll do a fab job at home.

What can you remember about shapes? It’ll have been a while since you last learnt about shapes, so you may have to think right back! Focus today on a 2D shape recap. Here are some facts:

A 2D shape with straight lines is a polygon. 
A 2D shape with 3 straight sides is a… triangle.
A 2D shape with 4 straight sides is a… quadrilateral.
A 2D shape with 5 straight sides is a… pentagon.
A 2D shape with 6 straight sides is a… hexagon.
A 2D shape with 7 straight sides is a… heptagon.
A 2D shape with 8 straight sides is a… octagon.
A regular polygon has all sides and angles equal.

Look at the shapes labelled a-r (attachment) and write down their names by counting how many sides they have. EXT: which of the shapes are irregular? Regular?




Check out the BBC Daily Book Club lesson (link below): Using the book Charlie Changes Into a Chicken you will learn how to explain how the writer’s choice of words creates humour and to write in the style of an author (a Y4 reading objective).

This lesson includes:

·         two videos of presenter and blogger Mehreen Baig reading extracts from the book

·         three activities ( the three activities do not need to be all completed today – spread them over the next couple)  



Miss K x