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Monday, 18th May

Good morning all, 


Here we go again. 





This week I have provided another video unit. I think you might like it. 


I won't give too much away here. Have a look at the instructions and the starter activity. I wonder if you will recognise the symbol. 




I will be setting a new concept this week to try and keep us moving on; however, for today I have set some rapid reasoning questions to get us going. 


Please complete as many as you can from 'week 3'


For a starter, I have set you a perimeter question. It's a cracker. 

Have a go and I will provide the answer to the question and the working out tomorrow. 





A couple of bits for you to try this week. 


Firstly, have a browse of this website: 



It has loads of content, pictures and videos which you can browse at your leisure. It will give you a bit of an idea about the architecture and they way the Greeks lived. 


Secondly, I would like you to try and draw a spartan mask. As a class you are brilliant artists but if you would like a hand, this video is a great tutorial. It certainly helped me.