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Monday, 18th May

Good morning!  Well what a windy weekend!  I hope that you had a lovely rest and play.


Phonics-please revise all of your phonemes using your packs or a game that you enjoy and then your letter names if needed.


This week I thought that you could play some reading word games. Today I thought that you could make some word coins for your treasure chest-this will take some time but we will be using them for our games this week.

- on a piece of paper (gold, silver or yellow if you’ve got some, or plain paper if not) draw around the top of a cup to make a nice circle and cut it out carefully.  You need to make 10 circles (so you might need a little team work here).  If you have not got coloured paper then you could cover your circle  ‘coins’ with tin foil or paint them.  Now you need to choose ten words that you are finding hard to read from your reading pack or from a new set (but don’t forget to check first as you may have forgotten some from your previous sets).  


Next we are going to put a word on each coin.  You need 10 small pieces of paper and glue or Sellotape.  Now copy each word onto a piece of paper or ask your grown up to write them and stick each word onto a coin.  When you have finished you should have 10 coins- each with a different word stuck on them.  Please put these in your treasure chest ready for tomorrow.


Number:  I thought that we would start off with a Numberblocks episode today, please watch Numberblocks 18:


Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s: Please practise your counting out today and counting a group.  See if you can collect 18 objects, this might be counting out 18 raisens from a box or 18 pencil crayons from your pencil case.  Make sure you line them up and count them carefully by poking each one.  Then have a try at writing 18-the 8 is a little tricky.  You might still have your 1-10 formation booklet that I sent you back in week 1, you could use this to do your formation of 8 on or if it’s dry why not have a go squirting number 8 with a water bottle-Grown ups-you will need to chalk an 8 on the ground first and make sure that they follow it around like a race track to form it-not two circles like a snowman!


Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s:  Can you get 18 small objects?  Count them carefully.  Now arrange them into a rectangle like Numberblock 18.  Now I want you to explore grouping with your objects-how many groups of 2 can you make?  How many groups of 5 can you make?  What do you notice?  How many groups of ten can you make?  What do you notice?  Why? How else can you group 18 objects?  How big are the groups?  Can you make the groups the same size?  Have fun exploring 18 today.


Have a great day, Mrs Balmer😀