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Monday, 1st June

Good Morning Year 2!

We hope that you have all day a lovely week off in the sunshine and are ready to start learning again.



it's time to get on it like a car bonnet!


As ever, keep having a go at Speed Trial and Tricky word trucks - keeps your phonics fresh!


This week our focus will be prefixes - can you remember where these go?


Check out Magical Matching on


There is also a work sheet for you to do concentrating on the prefix 'un'.



As it is Monday our focus is spelling, punctuation and grammar.
Over the next few weeks you are going to be teacher.  Using what you have learnt over the time in Year 2 you are going to read and check some work by the teachers and correct it.  I think we have forgotten everything we ever learnt!
There will be spelling mistakes, words will not have the correct suffixes, they will definitely have used the apostrophe wrong, capital letters in the wrong places and I am sure sentences will not have been finished properly.
So, get out your green pen and make it right!



Warm-up =

Let’s start with a maths game. Without any help at all from an adult write down each of the days of the week and the months of the year on individual pieces of paper – remember to be extra careful with the spellings and remember capital letters. Then, ask an adult or someone in your house to hide all of your pieces of paper around your house or garden. Once they are all hidden, you need to find them and put them in the correct order.

Hit the button – Can you beat your previous score?

Main Activity =

Our new focus will now be on shape. Shape is something that we have covered briefly in school, but it always seems to be something that we need to be reminded of. Today we will focus specifically on 2D shapes – can you remember what a 2D shape is? There are quite a few activities today, just complete what you are able to 😊

First, we would like you to either write a list or just tell an adult all of the different 2D shapes that you know. Be careful not to get mixed up and say any 3D shapes. 

Then complete the attached worksheet – Remember to use a ruler where appropriate.

Next, we would like you to do a shape spelling test as the shape words are particularly tricky to spell. You will need a pencil, paper and adult to read the spellings to you. Any spellings that you struggle with you should practice spelling correctly using look, cover, write, check. Look at the correct spelling. Cover it up, no peeping. Have a go at writing it. Check if you got it correct.

Here are the words for your spelling test:

Circle, square, rectangle, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, trapezium, rhombus, heptagon.

Finally, we have attached a 2D shape colouring activity.


Miss C and Mrs P.