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Monday, 20th April

Hi Year 6

I hope that you and your families are all well and that you made the most of the lovely weather over the Easter holidays, as well as eating lots of chocolate, of course.

It has been good to see the pictures of some of you on Dojo cooking up a storm in your kitchens. I hadn’t realised how talented some of you are at baking and cooking.  As much as I love eating, I really don’t enjoy being in the kitchen (apart from making it clean) so it impresses me when I see young people with such skills.  Well done!!  

It is now the first week of what is classed as the first part of our summer term so here goes with your work for Monday 20th April:


  1. Before Easter we began out maths work on data handling and focussed on pie charts. We are now going to move on to graphs.
  2. Take a look at the PowerPoint from Classroom Secrets.  You will need to have a look at it as a PowerPoint (not as slides) in order to have a go at working out the answers. Then have a look at the example on the top of page 142 of the TYM sheets. Decide which section(s) you are going to do based on your confidence level. I have ‘attached’ a PDF of some graph paper for those sections where you need to produce your own graph. Please take care with the scale and please remember to label each axis on your graph and give your graph a title – A graph to show …
  3. Spend 10 minutes doing ‘Look, cover, write and check’ of your spellings because it is the week for our spelling test – Wednesday this week!
  4. Complete Set A Test 3 of the 10 minute reading test and mark your answers.
  5. Re-read Chapter 6 of Listen To The Moon.  (When I haven’t read a book for some time I flick back a few pages so that I can ‘pick up’ the story again.)  I then want you to start creating a story board for what has happened in the story so far. When doing this you are representing the story in pictures a little like a cartoon strip. You can add ‘some words’ to show a change in location or time.

Have a good day.

Mrs K x