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Monday, 20th April

Welcome back! πŸ˜€

It seems like ages ago since I last spoke to you!! I hope you’ve enjoyed your time off home learning. I have seen that many of you have been doing some lovely things around the house and garden – the weather has been fabulous. I have also seen a few of you out walking which was nice. β˜ΊοΈ


Well, today is a new term, you know what that means… NEW TERM, NEW TOPIC, NEW TEAMS! Yep, if we were in school today, you’d be coming in excitedly to find out who is part of your new table team.
However, as we are not in school, I thought we could start your first day back by YOU having a go at creating the seating plan! It always takes me a long time to think about where everyone should sit, who would work well next to who, which chatter boxes I need to keep away from each other and who I need to make sure can see the board! You have a go! I have attached a ‘seating plan’ format that you can use to arrange all 36 children. Send them me on Class Dojo and I’ll pick the best one to use when/if we are back in school. 😬


Before the Easter break, you were doing really well with home learning – I was really proud of you all. I was enjoying seeing you all do lots of different activities on your portfolios. Remember, the work I set you complete at your own pace and if you think of other ideas that’s fine!

Ok, so here goes for the first lot of maths and English…


Maths: Recalling time facts

By Y4 it is expected that you can tell the time to the nearest minute. For those who still need practice doing so (or if you want to warm up), here are some links. - this game is really useful for practising telling the time. You can adjust the criteria so it suits you! - 

I have also attached a sheet with some questions that focus on your previous Y3 knowledge of number of minutes in an hour and seconds in a minute. Have a go and let me know how you get on. Finally, I have included a sheet of facts for you to learn that progress from your seconds and minute work in Y3…Be creative with trying to learn the facts!


English: Comprehension

Read the red section of the Comprehension Qs PDF before you read the text provided. Make sure you understand the text by reading it in small chunks and clarifying any words or phrases you do not understand. You can then work your way through the questions. Please note – these do not need to be all completed today. You will have tomorrow to complete the comprehension too.


I hope you enjoy your first day back.


Miss K πŸ˜€ X