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Monday, 20th April

Hello All. 
I hope you had a lovely Easter Holiday. If like me, you were supposed to be abroad at least we could enjoy some brilliant weather here in the North West! 
Back to work though now after our two week break! 
I have set a new maths topic for you this week: measurements and converting measures. 
We are starting with the conversion between mm and cm. 
Then moving onto cm - m.
Please follow the ppt carefully as this contains all the tasks and teaching points you need. 
Have some paper and a pencil with you so that you can fill out the tables and answer the questions as the ppt moves along. 
There is then a worksheet at the end which I have also attached. 1 star = easier, 3 star more difficult. 
If you finish this task, then feel free to continue with either the white rose maths or the I see maths
Help your child with their studies with Home Learning. White Rose Maths has prepared a series of Maths lessons online for Year 5, FREE videos and worksheets
These cover a wide range of concepts. Some will be revision, others will be concepts not yet covered at school. 
Literacy work 
This week the work will revolve around a film clip. 
Each lesson should take approximately an hour. Some of the tasks will involve conversations and discussions with your parents and other will involve writing tasks with specific objectives. 
All of the information and plans for each day will be uploaded! 
Again follow the instructions carefully and don't watch too much of the video unless asked to do so. 
Please read through the instructions with your parents as some of this work needs to be assisted. 
The instructions should contain all the materials and resources you need. 
I have also uploaded a vocab document. This could be used to help with some of your writing. It also contains some activities to have a go at as an extension. 
It looks like it is going to be another beautiful week! get yourself outside and enjoy the countryside for your daily exercise! 
The PowerPoint for Maths is too big for our website to cope with therefore we have had to save it as a PDF which can be accessed below.  We're looking at a way of helping you to access the PowerPoint for tomorrow.