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Monday, 22nd June

Good Morning Year 1,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


Here are your activities for today …


Daily recap of ‘phonics flashcards speed trial’ and ‘tricky word trucks’ on the Phonics Play website.

Classroom Secrets Kids – Year 1 > Reading > Vocabulary Year 1 Reading Comprehension Molly on the Moon.  

Today I would like you to think about verbs in preparation for learning about another suffix tomorrow. Can you remember what a verb is?

Go through the PowerPoint which explains what a verb is then complete the verb worksheet.



Today you will be writing character descriptions based on the vulture and the meerkats from Catch It.

You will need to draw a picture of the character and write a list of adjectives to describe them. Then, using your list of adjectives you need to write some sentences describing your character. You should think carefully about where the adjective appears in the sentence e.g. ‘The evil vulture stole the juicy fruit’not ‘The vulture is evil and it stole the fruit that is juicy’. The adjective should come before the noun. You should also remember to use capital letters and full stops and think carefully about your spellings. As always, remember to check what you have written.



Warm-up =

Problem of the Day – If you are finding these problems tricky go through them with an adult. If possible, try to work them out practically.

Main Activity

I hope you got on ok making arrays on Friday. Can you remember the difference between rows and columns?

Today you will be drawing arrays (if you feel you need more practice making arrays, complete today's activity practically rather then on paper).

Please complete the attached worksheet and fill in the missing boxes in each grid. I would recommend making each array using the provided information before working out what should go in the missing boxes.

Miss C, Mrs P and Mrs C.