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Monday, 22nd June

Happy Monday! :) 


Another good weekend I hope? Did you get up to anything exciting? 

Here we go for another week of learning at home (for most of you)!



This week we are going to start a ‘new’ math’s topic. The topic isn’t actually new to us, we learnt about fractions, hundredths and tenths in our last term together at school before lockdown. (As I said when we were in school doing this topic, it is my favourite!)

Here’s the video link to start you off on tenths and hundredths… It’s there to jog your memory - watch, listen carefully and soak it all up!  

**For those of you who want a bit more of a challenge (or something additional to do), I have attached some problem solving and reasoning questions that link to today’s objective.



I know I said that writing will be different this half term as you have your writing bingo board to work through but I think after all the work you did last week on The King of Fishes it would be a shame not to create your own story.

Each day this week, I am going to provide you with the materials to write your own story. You will not write it all in one day… instead you will work on different parts of your story each day and by the end of the week you’ll have a daft that’ll be ready for you to publish! 

If you follow the instructions daily, you are going to produce an amazing story for someone to read. I am going to share your stories with other children at Greenmount to keep them occupied (and reading) at home! You have a real audience – remember that!

I will set additional tasks for English too, but if you are working hard on your story and it takes some time to complete the writing task set each day then don’t worry - dip in and out! Some days will be easier than others!


Today’s additional task is ‘Why do we blink?’. Find out by reading today's text and learning by questions (LBQ – code on Class Dojo.




Enjoy your Monday!

Miss K xx