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Monday, 27th April

Good Morning!🌈

How was your weekend? Ready for another week of learning? We are going to continue with time as a few of you have been struggling with this and it’s a really important skill to have so we should persist with learning it.

Maths: Digital and Analogue

You have the PPTs that I attached last week that go through reading time. I have attached some worksheets that reinforce converting times between digital and analogue.  I have also set a time related task on MyMaths. This doesn’t all have to be completed at once. I have provided both so you can work on them whenever you are ready to. I am hoping the PPTs from last week and the lesson you can access on MyMaths will help you with the learning before tackling the sheets.

English: Grammar

It has been a while since grammar has been a focus (it was reading and writing last week) therefore I thought we should recap some grammar terminology. We are going to use BBC Bitesize to help us. The BBC set this work last week so you will need to use the link below to load it. Identifying when to use pronouns
The focus is identifying when to use pronouns. We did lots of work on different types of nouns earlier on in Y4 and then Mrs Rowland did a few weeks on pronouns so you’ll have to think right back! Follow the instructions on the web page, there are videos to watch first (one on nouns to recap, then pronouns), below the videos there are some activities – again not all activities need to be completed. Complete what you feel is needed to give you a good understanding. I have attached the worksheet which the BBC direct you to complete.



Identifying when to use pronouns

20 April - Learn to identify the different types of pronouns and when to use them instead of a noun.


Keep up the great work! I’ll only a message away if you need me. 

Miss K ☺️ Xx