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Monday, 27th April

Good morning all, 
I hope you all had a nice weekend. 
Another week's work is ready for you.
This week I would like you to work a little more independently. Like in school, sometimes you are expected to work independently and other times we work together and offer each other support. 
Last week's work for literacy, at times, was quite difficult and often needed lots of discussion with parents. 
This week, I believe you can tackle this work independently and show your parents what you can do! 
I have attached the instructions. The focus is on modal verbs which is something we touched upon before school closed. 
I have also attached some spelling you can look at across the week. 
This week's focus is on finding perimeter. 
I am going to set work, increasing the difficulty each day. we will focus on perimeter all week, ensuring we have a good grasp of the concept by the end of the week. Some days, there will be small PowerPoints to follow before attempting a worksheet. Other days, you will have questions and problems to solve. 
I have also provided you with a topic task which can be done when is best for you.  We were going to be learning about Greece during this term. 
I have uploaded a task which is something you can have a go at if you like. 
It does not need to be done today. It can be done when you have time or if you fancy a little extra work. 
Look after yourselves, 
Mr Coop.