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Monday, 27th April

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all well and you made the most of the gorgeous weather over the weekend – even if that meant playing on your gadgets in the sun!!

Another mixed back for Monday 27th April:

  1. Look at the Classroom Secrets sheets (RPS). Depending upon your confidence level start at either question 1a or 4a and do two complete ‘pages’ for each of the tasks. If you start at 1a you will do all the questions up to, and including, 6b. If you start at 4a you will do up to 9b.
  2. Spend 10 minutes doing ‘Look, cover, write and check’ of your spellings.
  3. Read the passage about Franz Ferdinand and do the crossword and word search linked to the text. I have included the answers for you to mark what you have done.
  4. This next activity is something for you to begin if you have time and can then be added to over a number of days – a drawing activity!!  I know some of you will love this and I also know that one or two of you will moan. I have ‘attached’ some images of the Lusitania as it was sinking. Please look very carefully at the images because I want you to make a copy of one of them. (I personally would just work with pencil, but it is up to you.)  Before you start panicking, think back to work we did on Diego Rivera when I asked you to copy one of his pictures and work with the pastels. I asked you to section the pictures and focus on one section at a time when copying. There were some absolutely amazing finished pieces using that technique so that is something you can do with this. (There was one person in the class who didn’t need to section off the picture and did an incredible job just drawing – that person should know who they are!!)

Enjoy your day.

Mrs K x