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Monday, 27th April

Good morning, welcome back Reception, I hope that you had a lovely weekend.

Phonics:  Please choose from one of the following that you enjoy best to do your phoneme recap:

Phoneme pop, Grab a giggling Phoneme, flashcards.

Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s:

Today we will be introducing the phoneme ‘air’, please watch the following clip on BBC bitesize:

Then I have attached an ‘air’ booklet, just like you did for ‘oi’.  Choose from the variety of sheets or do them all, you could even choose to make your fairy picture into a scairy fairy (scary fairy).  Can you draw your sound buttons under the words to help you to read them-see the sheet.  Parent’s your child might need help to sound the words out, its ok to do this together.

Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s

This week we will be continuing and finishing our initial adjacent consonants or ‘clusters’.  Todays is ‘st’.  This is an important one because it sounds like ‘sd’.  Go onto letter-join (we've been on this before)and practice the formation of ‘st’ or practice using chalk on the ground or felt tips on a piece of paper-just don’t forget to try to join them with your lead in-I can’t do that on here.

After that have a go at drawing a stop sign, a stick, a stool, a stamp and then write what they are underneath.  Can you think of any more?

Number activity:

Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s:  Practise ordering your numbers to 20 using your letter cards that you have made before-how far can you go by yourself?  Get some help with the ones that you are stuck with.  Parents-help your child to complete the number line to 20 please if needed then get your child to cover their eyes and you remove a number, but don’t close up the space-can they guess which number is missing?  If they can’t, get them to count up on the number line to work out which number should be there.  Try a few different numbers and if they can do this try closing up the gap when you remove a number so that they don’t know where you have taken it from!  Can they work out which one is missing?  They might enjoy removing the cards themselves and getting you to guess.  This is a good game too as they are still looking at the number line order to play the game.

Then watch the Number blocks video for 16-see below.

Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s:  Daily counting 2,5,10, doubles and bonds.  If your child is proficient at these now try giving them problems to use and apply their knowledge to e.g.

25+5         40 +10         If I have 5 ducks and 5 more swim along how many will there be?  Ask them how do they know?  Can they explain their answer?  

I have attached the formation sheets for 15 and 16 but before you do any formation practise please watch the Number blocks 16 video-see below.

Everyone:  Watch Number blocks 16:


Have a lovely day. Keep smiling, from Mrs Balmer