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Monday, 29th June

Monday of Week 12 - CRAZY! 

Welcome back to another week in Y4. What a shame the weather didn’t stay nice for the weekend. Highlight of my weekend: I had my first Nando’s in 3 months on Saturday – WOOHOO! Oh, I’d missed it! Who’s had one yet?😝


Loving the stories you have written! Great ideas and you've followed the plan really well. We've got Queen of rabbits, fish, unicorns, wolves, Lego, trees, Kings of ducks, bears and football. I'm really impressed (and pleased) with all your hard work! WELL DONE. 



Ready for today’s learning activities? Here goes…


Another week of fractions. Today we are going to add fractions. The bar model (used when we are in school and on the video links that you’ve watched this week) really demonstrate why we add the numerators and not the denominators.

Here’s the video link

to follow if you need a recap or to further your understanding.

**For those of you who want a bit more of a challenge (or something additional to do), I have attached some problem solving and reasoning questions that link to today’s objective.



This week we are going to follow another Talk for Writing booklet – this time all about ALIENS! Today, there are two tasks to complete.

1. Read the text all about aliens. Can you identify the type of text it is? What features does it have that give you a clue? How is it different to the last text we explored ‘The King of Fishes’?

2. Make your own alien words! Complete the word work activity by reading and following the instructions.


Enjoy your day. 


Miss K  x