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Monday, 29th June

Good morning Reception, what a wet weekend! 

Reading: Please go through your reading packs, you could have a go on the Tricky word Trucks on Phonics Play too if you have time.    

Phonic recap:  Please go through your phoneme flashcards. Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s group, could you please add  flashcards for the sounds ’ie’, ‘ow’/ ‘oe’.

Spelling:  I hope that you enjoyed writing your sentences for your spelling words.  Are there any words that you need to recap?  If not, then choose 5 more to work on this week and choose one of your favourite ways to practise them.


Activity for everybody:   Today’s activity is a starter activity for our Literacy this week.

I thought that this week we could write a letter to your next class teacher to tell them all about yourself, and then you could bring these into school with you when we see you next.  Today I would like you to draw a picture of yourself doing something that you really enjoy, so it might be you on a bike, or skiing, painting or building etc…  Please use A4 paper if you have it so that it is a nice big picture.  Take your time with this drawing, doing it in pencil first before colouring in.  I want you to really think about your different features and your colour choices.   



Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s: Please keep revising your number bonds this week and go through your numbers to 20-do you still recognise them all?  Can you still order them?  Can you count back from 20-0?  Grown-ups-please check if your child can still say 1more and 1 less than a number within 20.  If they are struggling with any of these skills, please pick one to work on this week as a starter activity.

This week I thought that we would go back to taking away, first on a number line and then we will look at taking away on a number line.  We will recap a practical activity for this so that you can revise how to count back in your head with your fingers.  You need two pots of numbers-one pot with the numbers 11-20 and one pot with the numbers 0-10.  You will need to make a take-away sign and an equals sign.  Take a number from the big pot and put this in front of your take away sign and then take a number from the little pot and put it after the take-away sign and then put your equals sign down to make your subtraction sentence. Know try and work out the answer by putting the first number (the biggest number) in your head and the smallest number on your fingers and then count back.  His might be quite tricky as you are counting back from bigger numbers.  Grown-ups, you may need to count along until your child grows in confidence with this.


Alternative activities if you don’t feel ready to move onto subtracting numbers to 20:

Below is a link to an interactive activity for counting amounts within 10.  Please spend some time today learning to recognise your numbers to 20-use the flashcards to find out which ones you are stuck on and then play games to help you to learn them, this could be snap, matching pairs, bingo or hide the numbers around your room attached to teddies and go on a number search-you could have a list of numbers that you need to find on a list and tick them off as you find them.



Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s:

First choose one of the skills from last week to practise:

  • Count in 1’s to 100
  • count back in 1’s from 100-0 
  • count in 2’s to 100
  • count in 5’s to 100
  • count back in 5’s from 100-0
  • Count in 10’s to 100
  • Count back in 10’s from 100-0 

This week I thought that we would go back to taking away, first on a number line and then we will look at taking away on a number line.  Please complete the activity described above for Mrs Balmer’s number group but your big number tub will contain numbers 11-30 and the small number tub will contain numbers 0-10-be careful counting back from 30, especially when you go over the 20-grown-ups- you may need to join in for a bit until your child gains confidence.


Have lots of fun and take care, Mrs Balmer