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Monday, 30th March

Good morning Year 3,

I hope that you are all keeping safe and have had a good weekend.  I have now started my Easter break early, as I will be in school working during the Easter holidays.  This means that I have no choice but to do some of the boring jobs around the house that I have been putting off, such as cleaning the oven and painting a bench!  However, I would much rather be in school teaching all of you, as that is the best part of my job, especially considering how hard you all work and the laughs and jokes which we have to make Year 3 an enjoyable learning environment!  I am missing all of these things.

I will still be setting you some work to do each day.  Keep working hard, knowing that the Easter break will soon be here.

You will have noticed that a lot of the work I have given you starts off easy and then gets harder.  The first sheet is usually a simple introduction, the second sheet is like the work I give you on MyMaths or and the last sheet can be quite challenging.  Remember, if you find the last sheet hard, don't worry.  It is meant to be!  Equally, if you are feeling confident, you can always start with the second sheet.

Today's tasks are as follows-


Today I would like you to do some comprehension.  This is all about the history of the internet, so read the information carefully.  There are some questions to answer, which make use of the VIPER skills which we have been developing in class.  As there are quite a few questions, which start to get harder, you may wish to do this work over two days and instead of finding the meaning of words in your Wednesday handwriting, you could finish this comprehension instead.


  *   I have given you some work to do on measuring lines, so you will need a ruler for some of the questions.  This is starting to build upon the work we looked at before school closed, where we were drawing shapes accurately and beginning to use mixed cm and mm measures.  The first sheet just looks at measuring in cm and then builds up to measuring in both cm and mm. It is also looking at your reasoning, getting you to think carefully and explain why an answer is right or wrong.  Lets see how far you can get!

Don't forget to keep your times tables ticking over and keep up the hard work on reading the time from both from a digital and analogue clock.

I hope you have a nice day.  Keep safe and I will see you soon.

Mr G