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Monday, 30th March

Hello again! 
I hope you have had a lovely, relaxing weekend. Are you ready for week two of home learning? I’ve been working on what you can do this week and it’s very difficult when I am not physically teaching you! 
However... I have decided that this week in maths we are going to focus on ‘Statistics’ – something we haven’t look at yet in year four but you will have done work on this in previous year groups. During the week, you will revisit how to use bar charts, pictograms and tables to interpret and present discrete data.

So here are today’s activities!

Maths: To interpret data presented in a bar chart. 

Interpreting data means you being able to read the bar chart and work out what it is showing. Take a look at the example horizontal bar chart with questions and answers.

Next, if you can, visit

Updated 18/11/17. A new and improved bar charts game. This version uses both vertical and horzontal bars and has a wider range of one step and two step questions.
click either level 2 or 3 (3 is more challenging – you may want to do this after you’ve had a go at level 2). You will find that the ‘game’ shows a bar chart and asks you questions about it; this is interpreting data!


Additionally/alternatively, you can look at the worksheet I have included which asks you to interpret pictograms and bar charts. Pictograms show data using pictures, sometimes the pictures represent more than 1 – something to keep in mind!  E = I’m feeling confident. GD = I’m feeling very confident.

(Answers are provided for adults checking your work, or you could mark your own work, in a different colour of course and if you’ve made any mistakes try to work out where you have gone wrong and learn from the mistakes.) 

English: Comprehension – Summarise

This week, we are going to focus our English activities around a video clip 'The Little Shoemaker'. 
Click on today’s English task to get started and watch the video.

Hope all goes well!


Miss K :) x


Ps. I know some of you have already started… don’t forget you have a look at the attached ‘menu’ of tasks that link to science, RE, history and geography topics we have already covered. These do not need to be all completed at once, but can be done when you have extra time or if your maths and English activities are completed quicker than expected.