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Monday, 30th March

Hello all, 
Week two - here we go. 
Please continue with the daily maths lessons from:
I have also attached a problem for you to have a go at for an extension activity. 
Your literacy task today, is a writing task based on adverbials. All the instructions for you and your parents is detailed in the file I've uploaded. 
I have also uploaded the new spelling list. I hope your mum or dad tested you on Friday with last week's list.. 
Full marks all round hopefully. 
Familiarise yourself with the new words and clarify and provide definitions. 
Topic work 
I have uploaded a 'topic tasks' file. 
In this file, I have provided a range of tasks based on the industrial revolution. 
Use this as an opportunity to learn and research any areas you have an interest in. 
You might want to understand more about a particular area of the IR. 
In this document I have listed some files which you can use to help your learning.
Parents you can use these files to help with lessons based on the options I have provided. I hope they are helpful. 
I don't expect all of the activities to be done this week. Pick and choose which ones you want to have a go at. 
For the case study, I would love it if you sent me the work you have done through Dojo. If you send them to me, I will have a look over them and get back to you! 
Stay safe, 
Mr Coop.