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Monday, 30th March

Hi Year 6

I hope you all had a super weekend and that everyone at home is doing well.


Here we go for the start of a new week:

Monday 30th March

1 Write down your next two set of spellings. Identify any spelling patterns. Find out the definition of any unknown words. Take each word in turn and write a sentence containing that word.

2 Now that you have got to the end of Chapter 5 of Listen To The Moon write down any thoughts you have about the story so far. Do you like/dislike the book so far – why? Which of the characters if your favourite – why? Which is your least favourite – why?

3 In maths we are now going to move on to Data Handling as our next topic, starting with pie charts. Ideally you will need a protractor for this work. If you don’t have one of your own ask an older brother or sister if you can borrow theirs. If you can’t find one use the printable one that I found online and saved as a PDF. It is not perfect because you won’t be able to see through it, but it is better than nothing. Have a look at the examples on page 138 of the TYM sheets. Judge your confidence level to decide where you need to start with this work. In sections B and C you will need to draw a circle to construct your own pie charts, use a compass (if you have one) or draw round something which is circular!

I’ll be in contact tomorrow.

Mrs K