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Monday, 4th May

Good morning all, 
I hope you all had a lovely weekend either out exploring or helping mum and dad with those DIY jobs that we've all been doing. 
As promised, I have uploaded the next concept we are going to be looking at: finding the area of shapes. 
For today, I have uploaded two PowerPoints and then a worksheet. 
The 1st PPT is a simple intro to jog your memories.
The 2nd PPT is more appropriate for our level in year 5 and looks at finding the area of compound shapes. The worksheet set then focuses on this. 
However the focus this week will be on VE day
May 8th marks the 75th anniversary of VE day and therefore, as a school, we had planned celebrating this week with lots of different activities. 
To start the week, I would like you to complete this absolutely fantastic video lesson: 
It is a great starting point for the week. 
This lesson is brilliant for helping understand how the war started and subsequently why VE day was celebrated. 
You will need to use lots of skills historians would use to help you learn as much as possible from this video. 
All the resources you need are in the video, you'll just need some paper and a pen/pencil. 
I would also recommend taking the time to do a little bit of extra research after the video. During the lesson, the man presenting advises you to check a few things out. If you could do this little bit extra, it will give you a great understanding of life during the war. 
For the rest of the week, I will then provide activities associated with WW2 and VE which I hope you will enjoy. 
We would love it if you can share any of the projects/work we set this week so as a school we can collate it to see the fantastic work going on at home. 
Kind regards, 
Mr. Coop.