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Monday, 4th May

Hi Everyone

I hope you all had a good weekend. Thank you to those of you who have sent pictures to me via Dojo. I would love to see pictures of more of the class. I know as a teacher I should be telling you to send pictures of you hard at it with your work (I would like to think you are doing your work!) but it is good just to ‘see’ you – have a think!!

Here we go with our work for Monday 4th May:

Our work this week is going to be different to what we normally do. On Friday of this week we would not have been in school anyway because all schools were going to be closed in recognition of VE Day which was celebrated 75 years ago. This week we are therefore going to be doing work connected to World War 2, rather than World War 1 which is the Year 6 topic based on our book, Listen To The Moon.

The first activity for today is to get a sense of when different events happened during the war, this is known as chronology. I would like you to have a really good look at the PowerPoint. Look at the pictures and read any information written on the slides. I then want you to do the sorting activity. I am sorry but you will have to print off the two pages for this activity. When you have completed it use the internet to check whether you are correct.

I like the challenge of cracking codes. I would like you to look at the PowerPoint about code cracking during the war. I have ‘attached’ a template to help you crack some codes. Once again, you will need to print it off. I have also attached a sheet containing some codes for you to crack. (As well as the answers!)

I hope you enjoy today’s work.

Take care

Mrs K x