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Monday, 4th May

Monday the 4th of May-'May the fourth be with you!'😊


Good Morning, I hope that you have had a great restful weekend, the sun came out but I didn’t see any rainbows.  This week will be  shorter week as we have a Bank Holiday on Friday to celebrate V.E day.  It would be nice to find out about V.E day together this week.  I think concentrating how others help us and how we can help others fits in with V.E day and the times that we are in.  I did have a look for some clips for you but there was not anything I could find suitable for Reception just yet.   I have attached some Union Jack bunting that you might want to colour in or collage ready for Friday.  I have also attached some blank bunting too as I have noticed people making rainbow bunting for the NHS.🏳️‍🌈


Phonics recap: Please use your flashcards to recap all of the phonemes and also your letter names.  Have you been singing the alphabet song to learn the order? 

Reading words recap-did you manage to check back on your old sets, were there any that you have forgotten? Try setting up a bag of ‘My forgotten words’ and use these as a daily recap set.  If you have forgotten a lot just work on a handful at a time.  I have attached the words that come after blue-the a-z list, should anyone be ready for these, don't worry if you are not.

Rhyming strings: I know that some of you can spot a rhyme and that some of you can think of more rhyming words, but I also know that a lot of you find this a little tricky so I thought that we would have another look at rhyme today.  Listening to rhymes really helps us with our spelling of word families.  I have made you a sheet that you can either print out or copy.  It is simply four words: cat, dog, coat, sail.  I would like you to think of three words that rhyme with each of these words.  You can then choose to:

  • Draw three pictures for the three things that rhyme with each of the words.
  • Write three words that rhyme with each of the words
  • Or both of the above

Extension, should you wish: Write a sentence for some of the pictures, e.g. I saw a cat in a hat.

Parents, your child might find a rhyming word that doesn’t follow the same spelling pattern e.g. sail/whale.  It is enough that they are hearing the rhyme and using their phonics to have a go at spelling, so it is ok if they use ‘wail’.  However, you could talk about the spelling/meaning difference if you wish.  This is a good introduction to the variety of spelling patterns and vocab extension should you feel that your child is ready.


Mrs Balmer/Miss Hathaways: number 0-20 flashcards and ordering.  Can you shout out which number is 1 more when you are shown a number card within 20.  Can you shout out the number which is 1 less than the number shown to you within 10?  Careful not to get them mixed up!

Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s: Practise your counting in 5’s, 2’s, 10’s today-you could try doing this with coins if you have a small change pot or using the money cards from when you made your shop.  I’ve attached the formation sheet for 17 should you want an extra activity to do.

Everybody: Please watch: Number 17 Numberblocks on cbeebies Iplayer-series 4, number 7

Have fun!  Mrs Balmer