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Monday, 6th July

Good Morning Year 2.

Hope you are all OK and that you have had a lovely weekend.

Here are your activities for today …  



Hope you've all had a good weekend and are feeling alright!


We are continuing with phonics revision this week.  Today, you are thinking about words that have the phoneme igh and the alternative spellings.


Go on a word hunt and complete the sheet investigating the different spellings of the igh phoneme.  You could look in books, newspapers, magazines for words containing these phonemes.



Today you have a VIPERS reading comprehension activity.

Look at the picture carefully and discuss what you can see and what you think is happening. Then, answer the questions.   




Warm-up =  

Have a go at the addition and subtraction facts to 20 speed test.

Main Activity

How did you get on with understanding division on Friday?

I am aware that you will all be at different levels in terms of your understanding so there are 2 choices for your activity today.

If you feel like you need more practice on division please see the ‘colour by division’ worksheet. Practice working out these sums mentally and use jottings to check if your answer is correct rather than relying on them straight away.

If you feel like you understand how to calculate division mentally please see the ‘division word problems’. For each question you need to complete a division sum to get to the answer. Firstly work out what division you need to do and then calculate the answer. The answers are on the right hand side of the sheet so you might want to cover them up before starting the worksheet! You might also want to give the ‘colour by division’ worksheet a go as a bit of revision.

Remember to keep the following things ticking over:  telling the time, calculating change, number bonds, adding/subtracting tens from a two-digit number, 2/5/10 times tables.

Miss C and Mrs P