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Monday, 6th July

Good morning Y4!

I hope that everybody is well and that you all have had a lovely weekend. Are you ready for week 13? I am well aware that the longer you work from home, the harder it sometimes is keep up the motivation but keep going, try your best - the end is in sight!



To warm your brain up have a go at the ‘mini maths’ activity. These questions will help keep different maths skills ticking over.

This week we are moving on from fractions TO DECIMALS … decimals were introduced to you in the last term before lockdown. Decimals are another way of writing fractions – they are ‘in between’ numbers. For example: 1.5 is half way between 1 and 2. See what you can remember about decimals by completing today's worksheets. 

Again, there is a video link to support your understanding.






We are continuing with the topic of aliens and today we’re visiting a new planet! First, read (or listen to) the diary entry all about it.

Then, on a piece of paper or on your portfolio, ANSWER: Would you want to visit the planet, Zargon 9? Why?  

I would…………………. because…………………………………………

Your third learning task today is to design Zargon 10. Read the creative challenge description and get your thinking caps on!

Have a wonderful start to the week.

Miss K xx