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Monday, 6th July

Morning all,




I have uploaded a comprehension test for you to have a crack at today. I would like you to approach it as we would in school. Read the first text and then attempt the questions then read the 2nd text and attempt the questions in the booklet which relate to text 2. 


I would like you to complete the texts in the booklet named: The New Explorers and The Boy from Far Away. 


Don't worry about the final text in the booklet. 


When you have finished the two sets of questions, if possible, go thorough with a parent, brother or sister. See how you did and where you went wrong. Talk through your answers, explain and justify, just like  we would in school.




I have set loads of activities on MyMaths.


For the next couple of days I would like you to work through these. Choose the ones you think as the most appropriate for you. Pick the ones which maybe you want to revise or you weren't as confident in. You don't need to do them all today!


I would also like you to do another couple of the arithmetic question sets I uploaded on Friday. 


All the best, 

Mr Coop.