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Monday, 6th July

Good morning Reception, did you have a good weekend?  We have only two weeks left of home school!  I have not planned a full mornings work today due to virtual sports day, but I have included lots of short revision activities that you can do throughout the morning.

Reading: As always, please take some time to go through your reading packs

Phonic recap:  Play Speed Trial’ on Phonics play for you Phase 3 phonemes, how fast can you recognise them?  Then do some Robot word reading for Phase 4.  Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s group, could you please add  a flashcard for the  ‘ue’ sound.

Spelling:  Please choose 5 spellings to work on this week, but don’t forget to check back on the ones that you have been learning.  You might remember them when only spelling the word but do you remember them when you are writing sentences?  Grown ups-you could try this out by asking your child to write a short sentence that you read out to them (dictation) e.g if the spelling word is ‘she’, you could say ‘she has got a cat’, they write down the whole sentence and then you check if they spelt the key word ‘she’ correctly in the sentence.



Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s: Please keep revising your key skill-can you

  • Remember your number bonds to 10?
  • Recognise the numbers 0 to 20?
  • order your numbers to 20?
  • count to and back from 20?
  • say 1 more and 1 less than a number within 20?

Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s:

Again, let’s keep revising our key skills-can you

  • write down some number bonds for numbers 2-10?
  • Count to and back from 100?
  • count in 2’s to 100?
  • count to and back from 100 in 5’s?
  • count to and back from 100 in 10’s?



I hope that you enjoy taking part in the Sports Day activities at home and that you have lots of fun.

Take care, Mrs Balmer