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Monday, 8th June

Good Morning Year 1,

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend and a well-deserved rest after all of your hard work last week. Are you ready for another week of home learning? It has been lovely seeing some of you post your work on your dojo portfolios and it is clear to see that you have been working extra hard!

Here are your activities for today …



Daily recap of ‘phonics flashcards speed trial’ and ‘tricky word trucks’ on the Phonics Play website.


Can you answer these recap questions?

What is a suffix? What suffix have we been looking at? What is an adjective? Can you give me an example? Which letters are vowels? What are the other letters called? What is the rule when I add -er to an adjective that ends in an e? What is the rule when I add -er to an adjective that ends in a y?

Well done if you managed to answer all of those questions correctly! That means you are ready to move on to the next rule. If you struggled answering some of those questions or are still unsure on the rules we have covered please practice them before moving on.


The next rule is a little bit trickier and you will need to make sure you know the difference between vowels and consonants.

You will be thinking about adjectives that end with a short vowel sound followed by a consonant. For example, bigi is a short vowel sound (if it was a long sound it would be I). It is followed by g which is a consonant. When we add -er to these words we need to double the last consonant and add -er. So for big, we would double the last consonant (g) = bigger.

Please see the attached worksheet to complete.


Today I would also like you to do some reading aloud. You could either read one of your own books from home or follow the links to a book to read online as previously suggested. See if you can spot any words ending in -er.  - Follow the instructions on the webpage to sign up for free. It allows you access to reading books for every colour band.



Today you are completing the VIPERS started on Friday.

Remember to use the text to answer the questions.



Warm-up =

Daily 10. Level 1 > Subtraction > Up to 20.

Complete the problem of the day activity. Remember you might need an adult to help you read the question but should try to figure out the correct method to use independently.


Main Activity

I hope you all enjoyed the 3D shape making activity on Friday and that it helped you learn about their properties.

Start off by going through the 3D Shape warm up ppt to help you remember the names of the different shapes.

Today I have attached 3 sets of questions on 3D shapes for you to work through (as always, just complete what you can).

Here is a nice 3D shape game that you might want to play. Once you have clicked on the link, select the 3D objects game 😊


Have a great day!

Miss C, Mrs P and Mrs C.