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Monday, 8th June

Good morning all, 


The work for literacy this week will all focus on Greek soldiers. I'm going to set work which will build up to ultimately finish with a piece of descriptive writing. 


To start with, I have uploaded a comprehension which describes young Spartan boys training to be soldiers. Please don't see this comprehension as an independent task but instead try and use it as a starting point to help with the writing later in the week.  You can always give yourself a head start by researching about Greek soldiers if you're interested although I will be setting some topic/literacy based tasks to help with this from tomorrow. 


I have also uploaded a new spelling list. 




You are going to start the week with a little bit more reasoning and problem solving with 3-d shapes. As the week moves on, we will start to look at 2-d shapes. 


I have uploaded a few files for you.

  1. A starter task 

  2.  Reasoning sheet and answers

  3. A ppt for extra practise before tomorrow's sheets. 



Mr Coop.