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Monday, 8th June

Good morning Year 6

I hope you all had a good weekend and managed to get some fresh air in between the rain showers.

And so, another week begins! Here is your work for Monday 8th June:

1 Today we are going to move on to calculating the area of a triangle. I just want you to use the Classroom Secrets resources today. Start off by looking at the PowerPoint (not as slides)

2 I then want you to do the Classroom Secrets sheets (VF) and start at either 1a/4a/7a depending upon your confidence level.

3 Next, complete the Problem Solving and Reasoning pages from Classroom Secrets. Depending upon your confidence level start at either question 1a or 4a and do two complete ‘pages’ for each of the tasks. If you start at 1a you will do all the questions up to, and including, 6b. If you start at 4a you will do up to 9b.

4 Spend 10 minutes doing ‘Look, cover, write and check’ of your spellings.

5 Complete Set B Test 1 of the 10-minute reading test and mark your answers. (I know the text will definitely appeal to some of you in the class.)

6 Read Chapter 14 of Listen To The Moon, adding to your story board and making note of any thoughts that spring to mind.


Have a good day and I will ‘speak’ to you tomorrow.

Mrs K x