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November 2015

At the recent School Council meeting, there was a good discussion surrounding some ideas placed in council suggestion boxes around school.  Year 6 wanted to include a “treat tuck shop” as part of the school day.  We discussed this at some length, but agreed that as a healthy school, this wouldn’t be a good idea.  However, a tuck shop idea could be used as a “one off” as part of our fundraising efforts.  There was also a suggestion for some better books in the Year 5 class library.  It was agreed that the Year 5 rep, Samuel, would find out a little more about this idea and begin to take it forward.

Attention turned to our annual fundraising event.  The children have been asked to bring further information about possible charities to our next meeting.     Mr Geeson put forward a suggestion about raising money for a defibrillator for school.  The School Council have agreed to consider this as part of the decision making process when deciding upon the charity.