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November 2016

At the recent School Council meeting, there was discussion surrounding some ideas placed in council suggestion boxes around school.  A suggestion came from a Year 5, suggesting air fresheners be placed in the pupil toilets around school.  This was deemed to be a good idea, as we are all aware that some of the toilets in school are a little smelly at times!  This will be raised with Mr Griffith.

It was also suggested that the school has some changing rooms, allowing for children to get changed in more privacy for PE lessons.  Again a lively discussion took place and although the idea of changing rooms for PE was good, it was not practical due to both space and cost.

As part of any other business, one of our junior children had raised the possibility of having more extra-curricular activities at lunch time, including an art club.  Again, this will be looked into in more detail.

Attention turned to our annual fundraising event.  The children have been asked to bring further information about possible charities to our next meeting.  Part of the fundriaisng will be used to raise the final amount of money for a defibrillator, but we are also looking for another charity to split the money raised with.