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Greenmount -

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Our Committee and Class Reps

Our 2018 - 2019 Committee


Chair - Kathy Dowds (mum of Thomas [Y3])

Vice Chair - Katie Marsden (mum of Ed [Y5] and Holly [Y2])


Treasurer - Laura Daly (mum of Reuben [Y2])

Vice Treasurer - Michelle Thomas (mum of Jake[Y3])


Secretary - Lindsay Oldroyd (mum of Hannah [Y5])

Vice Secretary -Leanne Gray (mum of Issy [Y3])


Our Class Reps - the people to speak to for all the up to date info on PTA activities


Mrs Balmer's Class - Jenny Edwards-Rowlands (mum of Evie)

Mrs Carr's Class - Laura Daly (mum of Missy)

Miss Crossley's Class - Katie Marsden (mum of Holly)

Mrs Parkinson's Class - Su Andrews (mum of Abigail)


Year 3 - Natalie Robinson (mum of Oliver)

Year 4 - Jo Warburton (mum of Ben)

Year 5 - Lindsey Oldroyd (mum of Hannah)

Year 6 - Natalie Robinson (mum of Oliver in Y3)