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Science Activities for Year 3, 4, 5 and 6

Dear Parents and Carers,

I have selected some science activities for the KS2 children to undertake whilst at home. One will be added to the website resources each week.


To allow children to share the same experience and for continuity on their return to school, these activities are the same ones that will be carried out by the children remaining in school. I have tried to select activities that can be reproduced quite easily at home with a small number of everyday items.


Please feel free to substitute items or alter the activity to suit your circumstances. As an example, the first activity, Crafty Rafts, asks for marbles to be used to test the strength of the raft. Coins would make a good substitute, but you would have to use lots of the same type of coin for it to be a fair test.


I have taken a lot of the activities from the British Science Association’s Crest Awards. Each of their activities starts with a two-page Organiser’s Card which explains in detail how to present the activity, including what to tell the children and what to let them try out and discover for themselves. This is followed by the pages to be read by the children, many of which include ideas for further exploration if your child is interested.


Most of these pages will not need to be printed out if you would prefer not to and the children can record their work on paper. It would be nice if their work could be kept together, perhaps in a folder or wallet, and shared on their return to school.


If you have any queries about their science work, please use the Contact form on the Home Learning Page  and I will get back to you.


Happy investigating!


Mrs Rowland

Activity for w/6 22nd June

Activity for week beginning 8th June

Activity for week beginning 18th May

Activity for week beginning 11th May

Activity for week beginning 4th May

Activity for week beginning 27th April

Week 2 : 30th March to 3rd April

Week 1 : 23rd to 27th March