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Thursday, 11th June

Good morning all, 




Today's shape task has been uploaded. 


I have also provided another revision task on multiplying fractions and mixed numbers. 


If you want to go over this beforehand to remind yourself then please use: It goes go through multiplying mixed numbers visually which might be handy. 




I really want you to focus on perfecting your writing today. Some of you may have done a 1st draft, others may be just starting to write. 

 I want you to try and include some of the grammatical features we would be looking to use In school. Hopefully your language choices are amazing already but remember you probably will need to edit little bits/sections. 


I have uploaded two documents to help you. 

One is a y5 grammar terminology reminder cards. 


The 2nd one is a glossary of these terms. I have highlighted in red the ones I would usually expect to see in your writing.  It might be good to give yourself a little test on these terms. Can you write a little example for each before you start your main writing task.


Give it your best shot. It has been a long time since we have gone over these expectations so don't get worked up. Include what you can remember how to use. The ones you aren't as confident in, well just give it a go what is there to loose?  


I will look forward to reading the descriptions. 


All the best, 

Mr Coop.