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Thursday, 11th June

Hi Everybody!


Here are your activities for today …


Daily recap of ‘phonics flashcards speed trial’ and ‘tricky word trucks’ on the Phonics Play website.

Play Reading Robots on Phonics Play under the phase 5 section.

I hope you got on well yesterday correcting the spelling mistakes in my sentences.

Today we will start looking at a new suffix ‘-est’. We use -er to compare 2 things, whereas we use -est to compare more than 2 things. When we add -est to words we follow the same rules as we learnt for adding -er.

Today you will be adding -est to words that end in y and words that end in an e. Can you remember what the rule is?

When we add -est to words ending in y, we change the y for an i and add est.

When we add -est to words ending in an e, we drop the e and add est.

Please complete the attached worksheet.



Imagine meeting your hero - it may be someone who is alive today or someone from history that you admire.  It might be somebody famous - a pop star, a sports person, a world leader?


Tell us who they are, why they are your hero, what they have done, what they are famous for.


What questions would you ask them?  Remember when you write a question sentence to finish it with a ? and don't forget that any sentence starts with...a capital letter.


You have been provided with a writing frame to fill in.



Warm-up =

Daily Ten.

Main Activity

Today you will be thinking about turns (full turn, half turn, quarter turn, three quarter turn). You will also be thinking about the difference between clockwise and anticlockwise turns. Please see the links below for video clips explaining clockwise/anticlockwise and turns.

Practice making these different turns.

Set up an obstacle course/maze around your house or garden. Then you will need to wear a blindfold and follow directions to get around the maze. Once you have been directed, it is your turn to give the directions to somebody else. Remember to use ‘turns’ in your instructions. For example, take 3 steps forward. Half turn clockwise. 1 step forward …

Then complete the worksheet. There are pictures of the different animals to cut out at the bottom of the sheets. You need to turn each animal as instructed on the sheet and stick it down in its new position.


So far you have looked at mammals and reptiles. Can you remember the characteristics that an animal must have to be a mammal/reptile?

Today you will be having a look at fish. You need to research what characteristics an animal must have to fall into the fish category. Similar to last week it is up to you how you record your findings and information. You might want to make a poster, a booklet or something on the computer. Here are some links to start you off with your research:


If we were at school, I would normally set you a project this half term to be getting on with at home linked to our recent science work on habitats and the different types of animals. It is entirely up to your whether you want to complete it or not, but it is usually something that the children really enjoy doing. The project is to create a ‘shoebox habitat’. You need to think about what type of animals might live in the habitat that you choose and what that habitat needs for the animals to survive. You can do any habitat that you want. It would be lovely to see your projects on your dojo portfolios over the coming weeks. If you type in ‘shoebox habitats’ on google images there are lots of examples to get you started with some ideas.


Have a wonderful day!

Miss C, Mrs P and Mrs C.