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Thursday, 11th June

Thursday 🌈

Hello! Good morning! I know that there has been a big change in the weather recently but at least it’s still dry (ish). It’s great to hear many of you are still getting out and about on walks with your family. Fresh air and brain breaks are just as important as doing your work.

I have started to contact some of you to touch base and see how you’re doing, I will continue to do this over the next week or two, so watch out for a ‘withheld’ phone call!



We’re moving on today. I don’t know about you but I’m all perimeter and area’d out!

We are going to go right back to September (when you were lil Y4s!) and remind ourselves about Roman Numerals. As we know the Ancient Romans used letters to stand for numbers. Roman numerals were used in Europe until they were replaced by the numbers we use today. You will probably know that Roman numerals are still used for some things today, e.g. the clock (I am currently sat facing) has Roman numerals! I have attached a PPT which recaps what they are and how we read them. View it as a slideshow as it provides opportunities for you to answer some questions. Then, I have added some enjoyable maths work ( a choice of two) that I think many of you will like…



Comprehension today! Picture comprehension. Study the image provided and answer the questions using your VIPERS skills. You can be creative with your thinking but remember there must be some evidence (taken from the image) to back it up. The best answers are the ones that are backed up with proof, clues and evidence! 

Once you’ve answered these. You might have your own questions to ask. Write them down. The image certainly gets me questioning!


 Speak to you tomorrow.

 Miss K x