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Thursday, 11th June

Good morning Reception, are you ready for another day’s learning?


Phonics: Today go through your phoneme flashcards, letter names with their sounds and current reading words.



Today I thought we could write about your lovely sea creature artwork from last week.  Did you choose to draw, paint, collage or to create model?  I have attached some sea-life lined paper should you need it.  Remember to use your phoneme mat to help you if you need it.  Remember grown-ups that your child will be mostly spelling phonetically so ‘scales’ may become ‘scails’.  If there are any words that you feel they might be able to spell correctly then you could have a look at the correct spelling for these if you wish.

I thought that you could have a chose today about what you want to write, depending on how confident you feel, and what interest you:

You could:

  • write 4 sentences about your creature.  You could start with ‘It is …’  Think about describing what it looks like-what colour is it?  Does it have sharp teeth?  Does it have scales?
  • write a story about your sea-creature and an adventure that it might have.  Don’t forget to give your story a beginning, middle and an end-you might want to plan this out using pictures first or by chatting it though with your grown up.
  • Write a non-fiction fact page about your creature-you will need to do a little research with your grown up for this after doing a description of it first

I hope that you enjoy your writing today-don’t forget:

  • Full stops
  • Finger spaces between your words
  • Try to sit your letters on the line
  • Birdy beak pencil grip
  • Careful handwriting.




Carrying on with our work on 2D shape I have attached some shape identification colouring in sheets.  These might be nice relaxing to do after being busy doing your writing.  Can you name any of the shapes?


Understanding of the world:

Could you please find out about one thing that is putting our oceans in danger and something that we can do to make it better.

This could be the use of reusable bags or not leaving rubbish on the beaches.  This can be an upsetting subject so I will leave it up to your judgement how much you want to discuss with your child.  They might want to do a poster.

Hope you are all safe and well, Mrs Balmer.😊