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Thursday, 14th May

Good morning! 💙


WOW, I’m amazed with all your efforts with the water cycle models - you really are super stars! ⭐️  

Here we go for another day guys…


Maths – WALT move on a grid.

Today’s work uses the term ‘translate’, this means to move a shape to a different position, and to do so without rotating the shape or resizing it. In order to successfully translate a shape, each point must move the exact same distance.

Again, I have attached different sets of worksheets. These DO NOT all need to be completed – do what you can. Here’s a reminder of what they are:

VF – this gives you the opportunity to practise the skill you are learning.

R/PS – is the next step, where you are using your skills to problem solve or reason

Each document has three differentiated worksheets (labelled in coloured stars in the left hand corner) D = easiest, E=Y4 expected, GD=next step. Choose which one you feel more comfortable with but remember your brain needs challenging to learn new skills! If it’s too easy, you should try progressing – the worst that can happen is… you get it wrong and learn why!



English – Write a diary

Over the next two days recap diary writing. You could use today as ‘planning day’, get to grips with expectations of diary writing and getting all your ideas down. The BBC did a lesson on ‘diary writing’, click the link Writing a diary entry and follow the lesson to support you with your learning. The videos/work set explain key features of diary writing, provide you with examples and help you to set out your diary correctly. You do not need to focus on the theme (Grace Darling) and complete any tasked around this (unless you want to) as I’m thinking…





Have a go at writing a diary from the point of view of…

·         A water droplet – explaining its journey through the water cycle

·         The sun - beaming down and the next thing…

·         A cloud – one minute up in the sky the next…

Use ‘someone’ from the water cycle and write a diary from their point of view in the water cycle journey.

These should be quite interesting!


Miss K x