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Thursday, 14th May

Hello Year 6

I trust that you enjoyed your break from tests yesterday.

I am sorry to say that I have got another test(s) for you today, so here we go with the work for Thursday 14th May:


  1. Complete the 2011 Maths Paper B – 45 minutes. To mark it you will need to find the mark scheme online. Have a careful look at any you have got wrong and have another think about your answers.
  2. I have ‘attached’ a PDF transcript of the mental arithmetic test (and answer page) that Year 6 pupils had to do in 2011 as part of the Maths SATs.  Ask someone at home to read the questions to you, giving you the specific times indicated.
  3. Once you have got a score for the mental arithmetic test add it to the score for Paper B and Paper A to get an overall total out of 100. I have ‘attached’ the level thresholds for you to see what level you would have got in 2011.
  4. Read the passage about Theatres Of War and do the crossword and word search linked to the text. I have included the answers for you to mark what you have done.

It would be really good to hear from some of you on Dojo, via Portfolio.  Some of you keep checking in with me but there are others whom I have not heard from.  Just let me know how you have done with any of the tests or show me what you look like with your ‘lockdown hair’!  The adults in school are now at the point of struggling with our hair styles – including the blokes!

Take care and I will be in touch tomorrow.

Mrs K x