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Thursday, 14th May

Thursday 14th May 2020

Good morning.  I hope that you enjoyed making your pirate map making yesterday.


Phonics: Go through your phase 3 phoneme cards-this might be your tricky phoneme pack that you made after checking which words you could sound out yesterday.  (Remember when sounding out, don’t sound out the individual letters of the phoneme i.e say ‘oi’ not ‘o’ ‘i’) .  You could also revise your three letter blend cards if you made these yesterday. 

You could revise your letter names and the alphabet song-you could try to order the alphabet if you have any letters using the song to help you.  Please revise your reading words (or do your pack later in the day). 


Everyone:   Today I would like you to create a pirate character on the wanted poster that I have attached.  We are just doing the picture today and we will be writing about this character tomorrow.  One page is lined and the other is blank-you may want to use this one if the lines are too narrow and draw your own lines on.  Or you could make your own poster paper by making more stained paper.  The picture is really important as it helps you to think through your ideas and will provide you will lots of information to write about tomorrow.  For example your pirate could have a long black beard and a gold hoop in his ear. 



Mrs Balmer/Miss Hathaway’s group:  As yesterday please carry learning any numbers within 20 that you don’t know and with the number line ordering if you are finding this tricky. 

Today I thought that we could continue to revise saying 1 more and 1 less as quickly as we can for numbers within 20-try not to get them mixed up, remember less is smaller and more is bigger unless you are using ‘0’!  If your child is not yet ready to instantly recall the facts then it is fine for them to use the number line to count along to find the answer or even to count out the amount and then add 1 more or make the group 1 less.

I have attached an addition pirate sheet within 20 which involves counting pictures first to make your add sums-please cross the pictures out with a pencil as you count them so that you can keep track.  Once you have counted the items you will need to add them up-please do this by putting the biggest number in your head (circle it first) and put the smallest number on your fingers and count on.  If you don't have a printer you could do the same activity by grabbing handfuls of objects, counting them (in a line) and then writing your own sums.


Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s group: As yesterday please continue to revise counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s starting from different points and working backwards if you can. I have attached a fun colour by numbers pirate sheet for adding and taking within 20, remember to count on from the biggest number when adding and to count back from the first number when subtracting.  Take your time with your colouring in and try to remember your ‘birdy beak’ pencil grip.


As always have fun with your learning, do what you can.  Also, if you have an alternative activity that you prefer to do that revises the same skills then please feel free to do that instead.

Take care, Mrs Balmer