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Thursday, 18th June

Good Morning Year 2!

Here are your activities for today …



Let’s start with more reading practice. Go on Classroom Secrets Kids > Year 2 > Reading > Fiction Reading Comprehension Year 2 Alex.

Now we have recapped all of the rules for adding -er and -est let’s put your skills to the test on the attached worksheet. Add both -er and -est to the root word and decide which rule you need to use. Remember to highlight the vowels and consonants if you need to.



Today I would like you to finish watching the rest of Catch It and write/illustrate the final section of your story (your task for tomorrow will be to do a front cover and blurb for your story so don’t jump ahead to that today).



Warm-up =

Complete the next slide on the daily warm up PowerPoint.

Main Activity

Today you will be thinking about arrays. You should already be quite familiar with arrays and how they work.

Click on the link: Select Summer Term – Week 5 (w/c 18th May) > Lesson 2 – Use arrays. Watch the video and complete the attached worksheet. Personally I would stop the video at 06:20 as it starts to get quite tricky after this point but it is up to you to decide how you are getting on with the activity. If your child has forgotten what an array is and is struggling with this activity, please see the year 1 array activity under their section of the website. It might act as a nice reminder.

Remember if you finish any of these activities quickly and want to do some extra maths, keep working on telling the time, money, times tables and number bonds. We have also attached a maths workbook for you to work through if you’re wanting to do a bit extra.



So far you have looked at mammals, reptiles and fish. Can you remember the characteristics that an animal must have to be a mammal/reptile/fish?

Today you will be having a look at birds. You need to research what characteristics an animal must have to fall into the bird category. Once again it is up to you how you record your findings. You could do a labelled drawing, a poster etc.

Hope your shoebox habitats are going well!


Unfortunately, due to being on the animal characteristics topic in science at the moment we are very limited in terms of any investigations that we can set for you. We know how much you enjoy practical science activities so we have attached a suggestion of an activity you might want to try at home – make a lava lamp. I haven’t tried this myself but have seen lots of successful attempts on the internet. Don’t forget to post a picture on your portfolio if you have a go at this!


Miss C and Mrs P