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Thursday, 18th June

Good morning,

If you have not finished the writing from yesterday, then please do. As we would in school, make sure you have edited it. Remember this doesn’t mean just changing the odd spelling or adding in a full stop.

Be proactive. Have a look at each paragraph. Does it make sense? It is effective? You could re-write the section if you wanted to or you can add in extra detail and description.

Use the diary writing checklist to make sure the tone and style of the writing is appropriate. You can also use the grammar checklist I uploaded last week to ensure you writing is up to scratch.  


If you have finished and edited your work, I would like you to have a bit of fun with this theme and the story of The Battle of Marathon.

I would like you to modernize the story. Re-write this story as if it happened in 2020.

Think of all of the things that would be different. What modern day technology would have been used to help with the battle.

What excuse would your allies have given for not being able to help (they were probably playing on fortnite or on WhatsApp).  

You can be really creative with this. You do not have to stick with the story being set in Greece. You can choose a location. Your main character doesn’t necessarily have to run 26miles to give news of victory, they could have found another way. Like I said be creative and humorous.

This writing isn’t now a diary. Turn it into a story. Include speech and dialogue between your characters. This will help give it that modern 2020 feel.


Oh and by the way, you are banned from writing, ‘they rung up on their phone to tell them they had won.’

You have to create something much more imaginative than that.

If you finish the writing, you can always then create a comic or story board to go alongside it.




I have uploaded three activities for you to have a go at today.


If you continue with the daily sheets/activities, I have been uploading and then the revision sheet 3 in the booklet. These will continue to the end of this week and then a new topic we didn’t cover in year 5 will be introduced.


I have also uploaded a couple of problem solving/reasoning sheets.

There are three questions on each sheet. I will provide the answers for these on Friday so you can check your answers and reasoning skills.