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Thursday, 18th June

Good morning all of Year 6

This will be the last time that I set you work for Thursdays and Fridays because I am setting you some projects to do based on what would have been our last main topic of the school year. Our last topic has always been a particular favourite of some of the previous Year 6 pupils, so I hope you enjoy it too. I have attached all of the necessary information on another page.  Go back to the Y6 Home Learning Page and find the section called "Project Work for Thursdays and Fridays".  Open the document "LP to CD" first of all to find out what to do ...


But, before you start this work I would like you to do your spelling test and then do our ‘big’ times tables test using the website: › speed-test. This will be the last time I ever ask you to do this for me 😢


I will see some of you next week and I will contact the rest of you on Monday. Take care of yourselves and enjoy the next four days.

Mrs K x