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Thursday, 21st May

Happy Thursday! ☀️ 


What a gorgeous day it was yesterday! I had my first BBQ of the year! Woooo! About time. Hopefully you enjoyed the sunshine too and made someone laugh as well as yourself. You made me laugh with some of your jokes and Mrs E and I shared lots of jokes! 



Lots to take in about shapes this week! The chances are you’ll need to recap some of the shapes and their properties but for now, I have some questions for you to have a go at. I’ll be able to see what you’ve learnt so far. To access the questions, you will need to follow the link and connect as a student. You will be asked to enter a code, this will be on our ClassDojo page from 9am (will not give me the code until the day).

Read the questions carefully and use the work that you’ve done this week to select the correct answer. Don’t worry, if you’re not sure – it’ll give me an idea of things we need to recap.



From jokes, to poetry! Watch the link to learn how to make your own funny poem. English KS1 / KS2: How to write fun poetry


Draw on the ways in which Joseph Coelho makes up nonsense words in the video and use this as inspiration to write your own nonsense poetry. Explore and experiment with creating your own nonsense words, playing with word and spelling patterns you already know to create fantastical words.

Looking forward to lots of nonsense!


Miss K x