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Thursday, 21st May

Good morning all, 


Yesterday you should have begun to write your poem.


Today I would like you to finish it. If you finished it yesterday, I would like you to edit it- just like we would at school. Check for punctuation, spelling and the effectiveness of your language choices.

Have you included figurative language such as: metaphors, similes and personification?

Use the planning sheets from yesterday. Have a tinker around and see if you can improve some of your sections or verses.


When you have done that, I would like you to write up a final draft. How can you be creative?

Could you write your poem up on some special paper?

Could you draw and illustrate your poem with your version of the three brothers?

You are fantastic artists and I reckon your interpretations of the three brothers would be great. 


You could even tamper with your paper and make it look old and mysterious like something from Harry Potter. 

See what you can do, I’d love to see the finished product.




The next step of angles is up today. Yesterday, you should have looked at angles on a straight line so today I have provided some questions where get you to apply your knowledge. Give it a good go on your own and see what you can apply from your learning yesterday.