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Thursday, 21st May

Hi Year 6

I hope that you enjoyed your writing task yesterday.

When you look at the list of the work for today, Thursday 21st May, you will think that there isn’t a lot for you to do but there are actually quite a few tasks.  If you do finish all of this very quickly then you should have some time to finish your pictures of the Lusitania and it should give you the chance to send me your auditions! (Please!!!)


  1. Start the day off by thinking about the terms Mean, Mode and Median.  Remind yourself of what you have to do to ‘find’ each of these – say it out loud!
  2. Today we are going to focus on ‘range’.  Just like Tuesday I want you to look at the PowerPoint and then do the sheets.
  3. Now take a look at MyMaths as I have put two tasks on for you.
  4. Our next task is to complete a comprehension exercise (and some grammar work) based on life in the trenches.

Keep working hard, it is almost half term!

Take care and I will be in touch tomorrow.

Mrs K x